by Edy Triantara

Welcome to Arduino Projects.

In the writing that I collected, I got it from various sources, I did a trial, and I tried to share it to you. Throughout my experience, this knowledge of Arduino is very useful. I may say lay against electronics and cloud in the field of programming, but with Arduino it really helps me in the daily application. I view Arduino as an appropriate technology. For simple applications such as when we want to turn on and turn off lights in our home automatically, or just turn on the water pump automatically, or we want a home security device from a thief, these things are very easy for us to setup with Arduino, and for such applications we don’t need to be an electronics engineer or a great programmer, of course if you are an electronics graduate or a programmer will be far more powerful and easier.

Thanks to various parties who are happy to share this knowledge about Arduino through internet, I will also try to share it with readers. Hopefully it will be useful for human and humanity. Of course, like as a knife can be used for cut vegetable also can be used for kill people, there are some knowledge that can be used for evil purposes, it is not my goal, and I am not responsible for such an application.

This content of simple and basic arduino projects, you can develop from these simple projects to more complicated one. For all simple projects download, please see Proyek Arduino. Proyek Arduino 2. If there are difficulties don’t hesitate contact to



Author use UBUNTU 14 LTS with ARDUINO IDE 1:1.0.5 for editing or testing. May be some program/ sket not working properly if do copy and paste to ARDUINO IDE,¬†because the difference in writing punctuation between Arduino IDE and on the internet web (like as ” “, ; ) , please check and do correction before upload to arduino.

All libraries that I use can be downloaded at :