This project is to demonstrate how to use a PWM pin to adjust the speed of a DC fan. The modulated signal from the Arduino PWM pin we use to activate a MOSFET, which then from this MOSFET gives power to the fan corresponds to the signal intensity of the PWM pin.

to adjust the speed digitally can see on https://arduinoproyek.wordpress.com/2018/10/15/speed-control-dc-fan/

DC fan speed

#define fadePin 3 // PWM pin

int pot = A2;

int t2 = 0;

void setup(){


pinMode(fadePin, OUTPUT);

pinMode(pot, INPUT);


void loop(){

//calculate sin of angle as number between 0 and 255

float t2= analogRead(pot);

int sinOut = t2*255/1023;


analogWrite(fadePin, sinOut);


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